The heart of our pub is our hand-built stone wood-burning oven. It’s the hearth around which people gather to eat and drink. It’s also where our chefs seek out new flavor combinations using the freshest ingredients for our ever-changing menu.

Once constant at Mountains Walking is our fermented crust wood-fired pizza, which is a true labor of love. We also roast, bake and char all kinds of other delectable things in our oven.

Whether you’re looking for something to nibble on or a lavish feast, our kitchen is open daily from 11am to 9pm. We hope you’ll stop by.

Food served all day.

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Our chef spends the same amount of time and effort on the food we serve as our brewers spend on our beer. You’ll find the menu changes according to the seasons and features the finest, freshest, natural and organic ingredients—many raised right nearby.

We fire up our stone, hand-built, wood-burning oven early so the temperature is 700 degrees–exactly right for when our chefs start cooking at 11:30 am.

The dough for our wood-fire pizza starts with flour from Italy and yeast. We make it early in the morning and allow it to slow-ferment overnight. The next day our chefs ball it and allow it to proof until the following morning. It’s a rather old-school way of making pizza.

Everything we serve is carefully made from scratch, including the breads our local baker delivers daily and the homemade pickles we jar ourselves. Even our ketchup and fermented mustard take a day to make. We think these small details make a difference.