Our goal is to make beers that pretty much couldn’t come from anywhere but Bozeman. The climate, the altitude, the native yeasts that live here–all these things make up our terroir, which can impact our beers.

Brewing, for us, is a harmonious mash-up of tradition and innovation.

Some of the recent advancements have pushed beer beyond what it’s naturally been for hundreds, or even thousands, of years. One of the joys of brewing is to sit back and maybe not control it so hard. Give it a little room. Rediscover something original. The result is a healthy living beer with naturally-lower alcohol.

Visit our pub and you’ll find all types of beers, from classic pilsners and lagers to bright and hoppy IPAs to sour and barrel-aged beers. With 20 taps, you can expect to discover entirely new flavors, like beers aged in our cypress foeders, or dank and piney India pale ales, as well as new takes on easy-drinking Saisons and Helles beers. Each visit to our pub will be a new adventure—a new conversation with beer and its possibilities.

Our tap list will change daily, yet you’ll always find classic favorites alongside something you’ve never tried before. And please don’t think you need to know a lot about beer. It’s a constant learning experience for all of us—brewers included. So ask lots of questions.